Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Puppies and phones - a teenager's two loves

Just a month after we moved 'to the country' to a 14-acre property, a tiny stray puppy showed up with her nose plastered to a giant picture window in our living room.  She was so adorable but since we already had two dogs, two cats, two donkeys, five goats, and 20 chickens there was no way I was going to have us take on any more 4-legged responsibilities! 

We spent the day trying to shoo it away.  When that failed, we put it in a pen we had to at least keep it safe from the not-so-happy dogs and wary donkeys who free range the property.  The idea was that we would put signs up and call the local shelter.  After two days, no one responded to the signs and we were told that our area was notorious for people dumping off strays (and other people simply failing to neuter their dogs and not caring about the result).  My husband being a tree hugger and 'save all the animals' kind of guy pleaded to let us keep her.  My daughter joined in, of course.  By this time, our adult dogs had gotten used to the puppy and even I was falling under it's spell.  Needless to say, it became a part of our family and we've never regretted the decision for a second.

So the dog is now technically my daughter's (though all care is on my plate, of course).  She loves nothing more than to cuddle with her and when she can cuddle AND use her phone at the same time it's heaven!

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