Sunday, March 27, 2016

Korma Crush - When hospital stays mean good food

In January 2015 my mother slipped in a restaurant and broke her femur right at the hip line.  It meant surgery, steel pins, and a two-week hospital stay with lots of physical therapy and lots of complaining from Mom since apparently she thought hospitals should have the same level of service as the Ritz Carlton.  It also meant my dad needed an extra hand since, as often happens, he was a bit too reliant on my mom to cook, clean, etc.  He's fully capable of doing it all - just spoiled!

So off I went to Florida to help everyone out.  One would think my dad would be stressed out and worried with what my mom was going through.  Instead, he was somewhat pleased since it meant he and I could go to his favorite Indian restaurant in Sarasota for good curry, guilt free since he rarely gets the opportunity (mom would rather have hospital food than a curry).  The food there was amazing!  I have had curry in so many places and in some of the best curry houses in the US, London and other places in England but I have to say that this non-descript place in a shopping center in Sarasota had the best korma I have ever had.  We ended up going there three times in 10 days!

Mom recovered well but is still not willing to eat curry.  I think Dad is secretly arranging an extended trip for my Mom anywhere so he can go back to the restaurant!

For the layout, I decided to use a pack of Project Life cards I got on clearance yet never used (Becky Higgins Project Life "Baby Edition for Him").  I don't do Project Life but I like using the cards for layering - I just wish they didn't have rounded corners.  After all, One can always round corners of square cards but it isn't always easy to square off rounded corners without loosing patterns on the edges.  Problems of the first world!  For the border of the ivory paper, I used a cutting file I had that is intended to be used to weave a ribbon on the paper.  after cutting it and starting to thread the ribbon, I thought the effect was too heavy but liked the punch outs nonetheless so the edge treatment stayed without the ribbon.

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